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Schedule Of Fees



  • Single property holders: 7% of the gross income plus GST
  • Multiple property holders: 6% of the gross income plus GST
  • 10% of the gross income plus GST
Leasing of managed residential properties
  • Initial term, regardless of the length of lease term: Two weeks’ rent plus GST
  • Subsequent lettings: One week’s rent Plus GST
  • Option periods: ½ weeks rent plus GST

All advertising expenses are payable as per agreement.

Leasing Only

This section relates to leasing properties not managed or not likely to be managed by Tower & London

Residential casual lettings:


Lease term Fee
6months A fee equivalent to three weeks' rent
More than six months A fee equivalent to four weeks' rent
Option periods A fee equivalent to 1/2 week’s rent


A fee of $15 is payable for the preparation of a Residential Lease, further $15 are charged to the tenant.


A fee of $50 per hour applies when Inventory or Condition reports as required.




Lease term Fee
Three years and under 10% of the average gross annual rent
Over three years 12% of the average gross annual rent



Our fee for the sale of residential property equates to 2.5% plus GST of the contract price, excluding marketing and auctioneer's costs.



Fees for commercial, retail and industrially zoned properties are at 3% of the contract price plus GST, excluding marketing and auctioneers' costs.


All advertising expenses are payable as per agreement.



A fee of 1% plus GST is applicable for successfully acquiring property, this fee includes a valuation report and investment feasibility.



For the administration and management of property refurbishment costing in excess of $1,000, our fee is 15% of the total cost.



Property value Fee for units Fee for houses
up to $500,000 $350 $500
>$500,000 up to $1,000,000 $500 $750
>$1,000,000 up to $2,000,000 $750 $1000
Over $2,000,000 $1000 $1500


All the above fees and expenses are subject to negotiation & 10% GST